Dear Tyler Brûlé

Thanks for all the praise of „Indiecon – The Independent Magazine Festival“. We followed Marie-Sophie Schwarzer’s recent article in your magazine as well as this year’s and last year’s interviews on „The Stack“.

We would like to take this as an opportunity to invite you to Hamburg. It would be an honour to have you at next year’s conference (knock on wood) and a great pleasure to speak with you about the future of independent magazine publishing. Monocle stands for a rare success in recent years and we appreciate its strong attitude and the quality of work.

We have so many questions! Hear them, answer them, follow our invitation.

All the best

Die Brueder
Malte Brenneisen
Urs Spindler
Malte Spindler
Martin Kaumanns

Photos: Felix Amsel / Monocle  & Malte Brenneisen / Die Brueder